2016 Gold Medal Criteria Update; 2016 Process Now Open
The World Environment Center has announced updated criteria for its Gold Medal for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development to reflect advances in corporate sustainability. The new criteria raise the bar for companies seeking to demonstrate success in sustainability leadership and address the following issues: 1) corporate sustainability commitment in governance, strategy, operations and products; 2) industry innovation; and 3) international sustainability leadership. Companies applying for the Award for 2016 are invited to read more in the press release and updated application process.
Singapore Sustainability Roundtable on June 5

The June 5th Ricoh, IBM and World Environment Center (WEC) Roundtable brings together thought leaders from Singapore, the Asia-Pacific region and the globe on World Environment Day. Approximately 70 thought leaders representing business, government, non-governmental organizations and universities will meet to review and discuss grand challenges and the skills needed to develop solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. For more information see the full agenda.

Climate, SDGs & Employee Engagement: Thoughts from WEC Members

Each year at its annual member meeting, WEC's member companies identify several important topics where peer-to-peer discussion can advance mutual learning and value creation. This year’s topics included the UN Sustainable Development Goals, sustainability rankings, employee sustainability engagement, and preparing for the COP21 climate meetings in Paris. Read the full list of meeting takeaways here.

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