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The year 2015 is shaping up as one of the most consequential years for environmental/sustainability policy in our lifetimes. In May, the Vatican published the Papal encyclical Laudato Si, a moral reference point for examining climate change; in August, the U.S. government announced its final greenhouse gas controls for a broader Clean Power Plan; in September the UN will launch its sustainable development goals; and beginning on November 30 in Paris, the United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP 21) will hold its 21st session with the expectation of achieving a new agreement to limit future greenhouse gas emissions. Read the full article here.
2016 Gold Medal Criteria Update
The World Environment Center has announced updated criteria for its Gold Medal for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development to reflect advances in corporate sustainability. The new criteria raise the bar for companies seeking to demonstrate success in sustainability leadership and address the following issues: 1) corporate sustainability commitment in governance, strategy, operations and products; 2) industry innovation; and 3) international sustainability leadership. Companies applying for the Award for 2016 are invited to read more in the press release and updated application process.
Business Managers in Emerging Markets: Meeting Company and Societal Needs

On Sept 24, 2015 at the National Academy of Sciences, professionals from business, NGOs and academia engaged in a roundtable on building sustainability knowledge and operating in emerging markets. The dynamic and engaging conversation centered upon 1) comparing solutions developed to improve sustainability knowledge for managers working in emerging markets; 2) evaluating relationships and skills necessary for collaboration; 3) reviewing strategies for integrating sustainability knowledge into business implementation at market scale; and 4) identifying potential collaboration opportunities. Further details available in the full summary.


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